29 Things to Get You Excited for Spring

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It’s the day before St. Pat’s but we are already feeling lucky because today Refinery29 launched their first Hintd list. A few weeks back we sat down with their editors at the downtown offices—imagine Google’s space designed by women who have really great taste—and told them all about Hintd. They were so into Hintd, they decided to launch four lists this month. The first up: 29 Spring Essentials to Buy Early.

Our faves:

Lucy loves the Haconut hydrating hair mask for post-morning swims and J. Crew Franny Sunglasses for cruising around on her scooter.

Francesca has already hinted the RMS lipshine and Peach Lily Dr. Meyers Vitamin C mask for its instant brightening powers.

Sophie, Marketing Director has claimed the Nars Monoi Body Glow II to get that happy, healthy shimmer.

Claire, Operations Manager, is eying the Church Burwood’s silver oxfords because that’s just how she rolls.

Check it out and hint the heck out of their spring curation.

Shop the Pages of Jezebel Magazine


Hint this Prey Swim swimsuit for a chance to win a one-piece or two-piece suit from PreySwim.com, the newly launched California-based luxury line we’re obsessed with.

For the past two months now we’ve been collaborating with Atlanta based women’s glossy, Jezebel, owned by Modern Luxury. The collaboration came about when our founder, Lucy, worked with their Editorial Director, Stephanie, at Conde Nast and would always talk about how “magazines should be shoppable!” Well now they are, thanks to this little collaboration. Jezebel uses Hintd as the shopping tool for their selects each month.

While going over their March lineup our Content Chief, Francesca, fell in love—just like they did—with Prey Swim. Now that it’s almost Spring Break season, she noticed that boutique swimwear lines are having a moment:  Kiini, Solid & Striped, Stone Fox all have devoted followings due to their innovative designs and detailed-oriented fit. As soon as Francesca saw Prey’s sultry designs and chic color palette she recognized they were the next brand to enjoy cult status. Doesn’t hurt that Prey was launched in collaboration with it-girl Audrina Patridge, who has gone from The Hills to a TV career as host of First Look.

Enter the third piece of the puzzle of what made this list a best-seller: Our new promotion, called Hint it to Win it. We launched the first one in February with Glossier, to celebrate Hintd’s new look. Now we are choosing a Hint It to Win It on Fridays. Watch out for the next one, coming soon.  Our litmus test for prizes, is if we’re sorry we can’t enter, then we know it’s a good one. As of press time, 182 hinters had added the Prey Swim suit to their list in an effort to win it.  We’ll be drawing winner March 31st — so if you haven’t hinted Prey Swim to your list there’s still time.  In the meantime check out Jezebel list because like this contest,  winter also has a deadline. You want to be ready for Spring!

The T-Shirt to Have from the Women’s March


Lucy, our founder, is best friends with Lisa Hughes, Publisher of The New Yorker. In fact, the two of them joined in the Women’s March with Lucy’s daughter, in DC last month. When The New Yorker’s powerful cover art came out right after, Lisa decided to create a historic T-shirt to allow readers to wear a piece of this moment in history.

Through this friendship, we were inspired to make the tee our Hint It to Win It for the month of March!

Gift Guide for the Pisces in Your Life


Spring is in the air and it’s no coincidence that we’re moving into Pisces, the most intuitive and creative of all of the signs. Under Pisces, we’ll all be itching to add a touch of fun and flourish to our look. And if you’re like Eva and celebrating a birthday this month, you’ll be especially ready to dive into a new year with dreamy getaways (Italy, anyone?), festive cocktails, and new trendy pieces you’ll love forever.

You are known as the most intuitive and creative of all of the signs, and this year your powers of perception and attraction are more heightened than ever. With a rare new moon solar eclipse kicking off your birthday season, you are primed to manifest everything you have been working on for the past several years. The trick is following your own lead, rather than getting blown off course by others. Surround yourself with a tribe that supports you, but only make decisions that make YOU feel good! May is an exciting month that may kick off a new romance or big project. September and November are your other prime months for love. Your career kicks into an ever higher gear this fall and winter, and you will find confirmation that you have been right to follow your instincts all along.